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・These products are made-to-order, so the shipping schedule for each product is as follows.
※Please note that if you purchase multiple products with different shipping schedules, they will be shipped together according to the products with late shipping schedules.
※And please note that shipping schedules are subject to change.
Products labeled with [Attention]shipping schedule: Ships sequentially from late April 2022.
Other Products:Ships sequentially from early April 2022.

・Some products are limited in quantity.Please note that sales will end as soon as the maximum number of orders is reached.
・This POP-UP SHOP is limited in the countries/regions where it can be purchased (shipped). We are sorry, it is only available to customers in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, and Taiwan.
・Products releases and specifications are subject to change, postponement, or cancellation due to various circumstances.
・Sales at this POP-UP SHOP will be from Jan. 12 to Mar. 6.